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ELITE SYNCOPATIONS is a band specialising in music from the Ragtime era - a golden age of Rags, Two-Steps, Cake-Walks, Marches, Waltzes and Tangos. The music performed by the band dates from 1896 to 1917 using traditional instruments in authentic Ragtime band arrangements from the period.

Listen to the full 11-piece band...

Watch the Quartet in action...

Watch the Octet in action...

This was the heyday of Ragtime when Scott Joplin reigned supreme with memorable tunes such as "The Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer".

ELITE SYNCOPATIONS bring back to life this often neglected musical genre - an evocative, lively, tuneful idiom that was the very birth of Jazz!

ELITE SYNCOPATIONS play music that is suitable for background music ambience or for people to sit and listen to. Perfect for a garden party, a wedding drinks reception, a corporate event or to accompany afternoon tea or a special dinner.

A flexible sized Ragtime Band can be provided ranging from a full line-up of 11 musicians down to a solo piano and virtually anything in between...

...all we need to know is your budget and how much space is available and we'll fill it with Ragtime players to make your event toe-tappingly special.